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There are cases that require more specific knowledge to be dealt with...
M. Sc. Catalina Sanabria - Psychopedagogy


"Every person has the capacity and ability to learn, sometimes it is necessary a guide to know the most appropriate way to do it. My goal with them is that they know their strengths, in addition to techniques to enhance their learning since it is the primordial for any process they perform, taking into account the emotional, physical and neurological then achieving their goals."


  • European Master in Neuropsychology of Education, Euroinnova Formación, Universidad Antonio de Nebrija, Madrid, Spain.
  • Bachelor's Degree in Teaching, Universidad San Marcos.
  • Master's Degree in Psycho-pedagogy, Universidad de la Salle, Costa Rica
  • Bachelor of Science in Preschool Education with emphasis on Bilingual Teaching, Universidad Latina de Costa Rica
  • Diploma in Neuropedagogy and Inclusive Education. Neuropsychology Training CenterRD CECAF. Dominican Republic.
  • International Certificate in Brain Gym 101. Movimiento de Psicopedagogía C.R. and BrainGym Costa Rica. San José, Costa Rica.

Procedures and treatments:

  • General inquiry
  • Evaluations